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How to Get Medical Fitness Certificate For Drone Pilot Course In INDIA ( 2023 )

A medical fitness certificate is a document issued by a medical professional or institution that certifies a person’s physical fitness for a particular purpose or activity. It may be required in various situations, such as for admission to educational institutions, employment, sports activities, or travel.

The certificate typically includes information about the individual’s medical history, current health status, and any medical conditions or disabilities that may affect their ability to perform the activity or fulfill the requirement for which the certificate is being issued. The certificate serves as proof that the individual is medically fit to undertake the specific activity or responsibility for which it is required.


Download the Medical Fitness Certificate From the below Link and take a printout.

Sample format for medical fitness certificate
Sample format for medical fitness certificate

Why do we need Medical Fitness Certificate?

Every DGCA Authorized Remote Pilot Training Organization will ask for a Medical Fitness certificate from the candidate who is going to do a course as a Drone Pilot, the list of Remote Pilot Training Organizations is available on the Digital Sky Platform.

Prescribed medical standards for admission

  1. The candidate should possess good health and physique with a sound mind. He/she should not be suffering from any disease or physical or mental infirmity.

2. Not suffer from a degree of deafness that would prevent hearing ordinary sound signals.

3. Able to distinguish his/her eyesight with or without eyeglasses/contact lenses/laser corrected eyes, at 25 meters on a good day, an object of dimensions 30 CM X 30 CM

4. Do not have any defect or deformity or loss of members who would interfere with the efficient performance of his/her duties as an RPA pilot.

5. Able to readily distinguish the VIBGYOR colors and not suffer from Night Blindness.

The competent authority for issuing a medical certificate

Registered Medical Practitioners / Government Medical Officer / Medical Officer of a Government Undertaking, with seal and registration number of the certifying Medical Officer / Practitioner.

Submit the medical fitness certificate

Every Doctor will charge some fees to fill this medical fitness certificate from the candidate, The fees will vary depending upon the type of doctor. After getting the Certificate you need to submit it to the RPTO where you have planned to do the drone pilot course.

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